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Saulge through the years

The chateau of Beaupuy

XV Century - Natural Stone.

"Bello Podium" is found mentioned for the first time in texts that date from the XIII Century. This title tells us of an elevated site of a fortress that dominates the valley with the eponymous stream flowing below. The medieval castle would have comprised various dwellings and towers with pepper-pot roofs. The defensive walls and drawbridge were built with the accordance of Charles VII given to Jean II de Blom in 1428, but no longer remain as more modern alterations were made to the castle to make it more habitable.

L'Age at Plaisance

Middle Ages.

Situated 800 metres from Plaisance on the Lathus road, this recently restored fortified house could have been built during the period of fortification of dwellings towards the end of the Middle Ages. Surrounded by a moat, it is built on raised ground and the stone walls are fortified. A double arched bridge crosses the moat to the front of the house and there would also have been a drawbridge to the rear of the house. A terrace links the house and agricultural buildings by means of two gate ways, one for coaches and one for pedestrians. It was known as "place forte de L'Age" and has been owned by the Lantigny and Louis D'Ars families.