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Saulge through the years

The Brewery

XIX Century.

Image de la brasserie

Situated near a drop in the level of the river Gartempe, a paper mill was built in the XVII Century, followed by a brewery in the XIX Century. Both these businesses were able to make full use of the water that was both of good quality and quantity.

For just over 100 years from 1850 to 1863 the lives of the brewers and their families were tied to this local way of life. From brewing to advertising the company didn't miss an opportunity. The dilapidated buildings still bear witness to an important local business and the evolution of techniques in fermentation, clarification, bottling and distribution of the "beer of Montmorillon".

From 1848 to 1963 the brewery produced excellent quality beers, using the water from the springs at Sazat. These springs rise in the Gartempe valley between Saulge and Montmorillon.

Very early on, this family run business made use of advertisements to spread the word of their product. The enamelled plaque showing the cartoon of a Postillion was part of a series of advertisements which were reproduced on posters, boxes, fans and paper hats. This advertising was aimed at a male clientele who wished to distinguish themselves from the everyday drinkers of red wine.